Jordan Ford
Hotshop Manager / Artist

My work makes use of glass as a material to explore the complex interrelationship between light, form, pattern, and color. In my more recent projects, each piece is constructed of blown glass with multiple layers of color from the very first gather to the last. After embedding these various layers of color into the glass, I then carve through the exterior coats allowing the vibrant interiors to bleed through to the surface. 

To me, this body of work is somewhat analogous to a unique set of qualities in people that make us so intrinsically human. Every event, every moment in our lives has an effect on us, be it  profound or trivial. Each experience shapes who we are and who we ultimately become. These events, or “layers” represent the scope of human experience. In my work these layers serve as a physical record in the creation of a piece. They describe with meticulous detail and honesty every step embodied within the process.