Erin McMillen
Owner / Torch Artist / Creative

A true believer in pursuing her Utopian dreams, Erin believes in making change in the world by creating positive ripples in the small pond where you live.  A full time volunteer, owner and visionary for The Melting Point, Erin has a dream that she and her team can help the world through the hot glass arts.  An honors graduate of both Business College and Art College, with majors in Accounting and Graphic Design, Erin is a lampwork artist as well as creator of her series of what she calls “imaginings” in her personal time.  On the more practical side, she initially spent over ten years in cost accounting and other financial areas then moved on to be responsible for designing, implementing and running the full tuition arts scholarship through the Robert B McMillen foundation (  She served on the board and as the main grant evaluator for the foundation for a decade until she and her family moved to Sedona, AZ from the greater Seattle area.  Her entire life is devoted to giving back.  She believes art comes from the soul, is therapeutic and that more art in the world means a happier place to live.