Wire work by Leanna Bowmen

When Danielle lights her torch it’s an instant release of the world around her, allowing her to reach a place of zen and tranquil creativity.  She is drawn like a moth to the flame in the night.

Danielle was a natural when she started working with glass when she was hired at The Melting Point in September of 2014. In her short time working at the torch, she has taken classes with over 20 different instructors from all around the nation and world. Each and every instructor has been very influential to her work and the way she looks at art. As Erin McMillen’s protégé’, she will continue to be guided to more classes, more experiences and one day be a name well known in the flame working world.

As the senior instructor in our flame studio, Danielle teaches beginning and intermediate borosilicate and soft glass classes.  One of her long term goals is to show anyone and everyone how amazing glass art is, to share her excitement of the medium to give back as much as she can in any way possible.

Danielle Hook
Torch Studio Manager / Torch Artist